Thursday, January 14, 2010

Development Stages of Java.

In this post I am going to discuss the development stages of Java in short. Because it is very neccessary to know some background of the programming language for which we are crazzy :).
-> James Gosling and other coworkers started work at sun microsystem and take 18 months to develop first working model in 1991.
-> In 1993 portability was achieved. It was the biggest achievement till now. Which feature differentiate this Programming Language(PL) from other PL's
-> Initial name of Java was "Oak". But renamed as Java in 1995.
-> Popularity of Java is due to its very vast list of features. Here I will not explain them. It is just for your knowledge. Java is a Secure, Portable, Simple, Object Oriented, Robust, Multi Threaded, Architecture Neutral, Distributed, Dynamic Programming Language.

In my next post I will discuss Object Oriented Feature of Programming Language.

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